Ongs behind illegal drugs trade in Northern Samar – NDF EV

Fr. Santiago Salas, spokesperson of the National Democratic Front in Eastern Visayas.

The National Democratic Front in Eastern Visayas (NDF-EV) declares in a statement, dated June 20, that two members of the “Ong Dynasty” in Northern Samar are behind the “widespread illegal drugs trade” in the province.

According to NDF-EV, an investigation conducted by the Rodante Urtal Command of the New People’s Army (NPA) yields information that the newly elected second district congressman, Edwin Ong is “one of the biggest drug lords in the province, with the backing of his uncle, reelected provincial governor Jose Ong.”

In a statement issued last April before the national elections, Fr. Santiago Salas, the NDF-EV spokesperson, has expressed concern over the proliferation of illegal drugs sold to “elementary students and in remote towns” which has “contributed to the rise of drug-related crimes like rape in the province.”

Salas also alleged the Ongs are using the local police force to arrest “drug pushers” not “being run by [their] family.” A warning by the “people’s democratic government in Northern Samar” was made public two months ago against drug pushers involved in illegal drugs trade.

The revolutionary movement in Northern Samar said those involved “could face arrest, trial, and punishment by the people’s court.”

NDF-EV said that the NPA forces may try, arrest and punish those who are engaged in the illegal drugs trade in Northern Samar.

Meanwhile, the pronouncement of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte to curb the illegal drugs trade is “fine and well” for the revolutionary movement. The NDF-EV is urging Duterte to crack down on the “big fish like the Ong dynasty and their police and military protectors,” which, it adds, will help “do away with the small fry.”

Alliance against crime, for people’s welfare

In the same statement, the NDF-EV has urged the people to come out in support of Duterte’s pro-people pronouncement which it said are positive overtures of the incoming administration. In the same weight, Fr. Salas also calls on the people of Eastern Visayas, who are survivors of disasters, to present to Duterte their basic demands and interests.

For NDF-EV, Duterte stirred “great expectations” among progressive forces not only for his tough pronouncements against crime and corruption but also with his inclusion of progressive personalities in his Cabinet, his promise to release political prisoners and his act to resume peace talks with the rebels.

According to reports from human rights defenders Karapatan, the outgoing Aquino government caused the arrest of 26 political prisoners, bringing the total in Eastern Visayas to 36 this year, where 8 are women and 1 is an NDF consultant incarcerated in Ormoc City.

The revolutionary movement in the region also opened itself to an alliance with the Duterte regime on the basis of cooperation for improving people’s welfare, and to allow them “to organize and strengthen the democratic mass movement.”

Last week, top NDF officials engaged in the peace process in Norway see a firmer commitment from the Duterte administration, not seen in the outgoing Aquino regime, to achieve “national unity and just peace.”

The peace process, now on its stage of discussing an agreement on social and economic reforms, is expected to accelerate after a joint statement was signed in Oslo, Norway by the NDF’s and the incoming Philippine government’s peace panels.

Concerns of disaster survivors

Meanwhile, the NDF-EV urged survivors of typhoon Yolanda to strengthen their struggle for justice against criminal neglect of the outgoing Aquino regime. The progressive forces must, according to Salas, call on the incoming progressive Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Dr. Judy Taguiwalo “to release long overdue assistance that were denied [the survivors] under the [Aquino] administration.”

Also, the designation of former Anakpawis representative Rafael Mariano to the post as Secretary of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) is positively welcomed by peasants in Eastern Visayas. The peasant formations under the Samahan han Gudti nga Parag-uma (SAGUPA) – local chapter of the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas – look forward to the review of cases of land grabbing in Leyte and Samar provinces.

Strong movement for a ‘People’s Agenda’

On the same hand, NDF-EV’s Fr. Salas urged the people to expand and strengthen the mass organizations of the peasant, workers, urban poor, youth and students and professionals to “press for as well as defend their basic democratic rights.”

Meanwhile, the New People’s Army will remain steadfast in their cause and continue to consolidate and expand its ranks in the region. The latest Oslo Joint statement has included a recommendation for an interim ceasefire to be instituted once formal peace negotiations started in July.

An NPA formation in Samar prepares for a military drill.
“The armed revolutionary movement must also remain steadfast, take advantage of any ceasefire to consolidate and to conduct propaganda and education to win over the masses to the national democratic cause” – NDF-EV statement

“Having peace talks with the incoming Duterte regime is not an end in itself, but still a long and arduous journey towards a just and lasting peace,” ends Salas.

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6 thoughts on “Ongs behind illegal drugs trade in Northern Samar – NDF EV

  • June 21, 2016 at 3:44 am

    This is a hoax. The above statement came out last April 18, 2016 without the knowledge of Father Salas, NDF EV spokesperson himself. According to the well-meaning friends from the Left, the one who made the statement has no authority to release such and definitely the purpose is to use it as electoral cannon fodder in May 09, 2016. I hope your editors and writers validate the source of your story and issue necessary public apology or else the governor will be compelled to defend himself by filing online libel against your writers and editor.

  • June 22, 2016 at 6:38 am

    upon reading this report of spokeman of the NDF , Fr. Santiago Salas deep appreciation to the NDF coz I learned that they are not really the cause of several misunderstanding against our government , BUT how the gov’t treat the common good of our people, Hope thru our incoming president Duterte’s Administration our country will become GREAT AGAIN , MABUHAY KAYONG LAHAT DIYN

  • June 22, 2016 at 2:36 pm

    Cash for works only given to pre-selected people, typhoon Nona funds and relief goods was distributed unfairly and unevenly, not all of them are distributed, water system in in the same municipality was never installed, 4Ps funds distributed once in a while, senior citizen funds are only given to pre-selected folks, tin roofs for Nona victims was distributed unfairly and unevenly or nothing at all, road to Cailingan funds disappeared in millions, cover court funds disappeared in millions. During lash May election one mayor spent P17 millions to vote buying while the city and its barangays suffer. Our families are not the other party voters some suffered and some receive nothing or denied to said benefits. One was told to wait until you turned 70 yrs old then file for senior citizen benefit, while the other two who filed at the same time years back continued to receive the benefit, only because they are supporters of the current mayor. I hate to burping this up but am tired of the corruptions. My family are being singled out each time because they are not supporters. If you want evidence check out Parag Uma FB site. Receipts of the missing funds are posted there. Pls keep my posts so our family are out of danger threat. Frustrated fron municipality of Rosario N Samar and its 11 Brgys.

  • June 24, 2016 at 12:46 pm

    It is just time for the Ong’s to speak up, interpose an objection and prove if this is nothing but hoax. The Nortehanons deserve an explanation from these people we gave our trust…the leaders we expected to deliver genuine public service…the people we considered Pillars of Nortgern Samar…the people we believed the Catalysts of Change.

  • August 7, 2016 at 11:32 am

    DATE: JULY 25, 2016

    National Democratic Front of the Philippines
    Eastern Visayas
    Statement of the NDFP- Eastern Visayas
    There is no truth and factual basis in the allegations of Ong’s participation in the illegal drug trades in the province of Northern Samar. If the Ongs were involved in the illegal drug trade, we will certainly not be blind and we would have defnitely taken immediate action.
    On the other hand, we need to carefully study the source of the Ongs business and programs, and let them lay down their plans for a comprehensive economic development that we have been promoting for the people of Northern Samar. Let us firmly hold on to the policies and principles that can develop genuine change. We must defend our people against the sale of illegal drugs and human rights violation and develop an inclusive economy for the poor and enslaved downtrodden.
    National Democratic Front – Eastern Visayas calls on to the well- meaning friends, institutional organization to help and advance the welfare of the people of Northern Samar.
    Pahayag ha Mantaalaan han NDFP- Eastern Visayas
    Waray kamatuoran ug basaranan an mga suspetsa sa mga Ong nga dabi sira san illegal nga droga sa norte san samar. Kon mayda sugad nga buhat an mga Ong, segurado nga diri kita magpapabuta- buta o prohihitiran sira ngan lugod tatagan sira sin tama nga aksyon.
    Lugod maupay nga aton adman an ira surok san pakabuhi nga mga programa ngan maglatag hira maupay nga plano para ha kauswagan nga aton gin-uundong ha mga nortehanon. Katinan an mga palisiya ngan mga prinsipyo ngan pauswagon an tinuod nga pagbabag-o. Angay naton prohitiran an katawhan kontra ha droga ngan pangabuso ngan pauswagon an pakabuhi hadton mga kablasanon ngan nauuripon.
    Nanawagan an National Democratic Front – Eastern Visayas sa mga makatawo nga institusyon ug mga organisasyon nga buligan an katawhan ha Norte San Samar

  • November 26, 2016 at 7:17 am

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