NPA Northern Samar condemns 803rd Ibde’s fake news drive

After the arrest of high-ranking New People’s Army (NPA) leader Marietta Bartolo, a statement allegedly released by the NPA Northern Samar circulated in the province. This, however, was denied by the NPA Rodante Urtal Command (RUC) through an official statement released last September 2 stating that press statement that has been disseminated since the month of July is a handiwork of the 803rd Infantry Brigade’s (IBde) paid trolls and media workers surrounding the arrest of their comrade Marietta Bartolo.

In a media briefing last July 16, civil-military operations officer of the 803rd Infantry Brigade under the 9th Infantry Division Capt. Ryann R. Velez identified Marietta Bartolo as the front secretary of Metro 1, Sub-regional Committee Emporium, operating in the towns of Pambujan, San Roque, Silvino Lobos, Las Navas, Mondragon, and Catarman, all in Northern Samar.

According to the AFP, three Cal. 45 pistols, a Cal. 38 pistol, a Cal. 40 Glock pistol, one KG9mm pistol, 12 envelopes with P30,000 each and subversive documents were seized during the joint military and police operations.

NPA denies orchestrating Figueroa’s candidacy

News circulated that the NPA Northern Samar has a direct involvement on the candidacy of Barangay Chairwoman Ruth Martires-Figueroa for the Association of Barangay Councils (ABC) chairmanship in Catarman, Northern Samar claiming that the four were on their way to deliver election money by the time they were arrested by state forces which was refuted by the NPA Northern Samar.

“The NPA does not involve itself in the cockfight of the ruling class even as it acknowledges that mass organizations within guerrilla zones may support progressive candidates and parties who are willing to uphold the people’s agenda. Yet to reduce the arrest of the four as merely election-related conceals the spate of killings and political persecution against revolutionaries and legal progressive personalities,” the statement reads.

Black prop under Duterte admin is nothing new

Spreading recycled black propaganda through senseless pamphlets and leaflets usually trumpeted by what they called “psywar agents” such as Sgt. Michael Montenegro known as “DJ Whisper” of 100.9 Dangpanan FM, a military-sponsored radio station in Las Navas, Northern Samar has been the US-Duterte regime’s way in crushing armed or unarmed forces who oppose his fascist dictates according to NPA Northern Samar Spokesperson Amado Pesante.

“This, however, are only failed attempts spent with millions of pesos in budget and resources for “professional trolling and psychological operations” according to Pesante.

More NPA offensives to meet admin’s fascist attacks

Amidst the disinformation drive implemented by the state forces, the NPA Northern Samar launched successful offensives since the month of June. Two soldiers were sniped in Silivino Lobos last June 8 and 14 and another soldier was killed and one was left woinded last June 10 in Km. 3 Logging Road of Barangay San Isidro in the town of Las Navas.

NPA Northern Samar also killed four soldiers during a military attack last June in Brgy. Roxas, Lope de Vega contratry to AFP’s statement that soldiers were only wounded. The NPA Northern Samar also launched more offensives in several other barangays in the town of Silvino Lobos.

“Be it known to Duterte, his mercenary cohorts in the AFP and to local bureaucrat capitalists like Governor Ong that their disinformation campaign which goes astride fascist attacks under Oplan Kapayapaan will be met with more tactical offensives by the New People’s Army,” Pesante concluded.

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