Lapinig police station, notorious for illegal drug trade involvement – NPA Northern Samar

“This is a big blow against coddlers of the illegal drug trade right under the nose of the reactionary government.”

CATARMAN, NORTHERN SAMAR – The New People’s Army Rodante Urtal Command (RUC) exposed, through a statement, that the raided police station in Lapinig Northern Samar last August 10 is notorious for their involvement in the illegal drug trade in a number of areas in the said province amidst the Philippine National Police’s active involvement in the Duterte administration’s drug menace.

“This is a big blow against coddlers of the illegal drug trade right under the nose of the reactionary government while a number of PNP units have become instruments to Duterte’s hypocritical drug menace Oplan Tokhang that launches a killing spree specifically against the poor,” the statement reads.

Members of the red army carted ten M-16 Armalite rifles, two 9-mm pistol, one thousand M-16 live ammunition, forty-nine pieces f M-16 magazine, binoculars, three laptop computers and other important equipment and documents from the Lapinig Municipal Police Station (MPS) after a firefight which lasted for five minutes. Two PNP personnel were wounded while the police chief escaped.

Police reported that the NPA members came with a dump truck and blitzed the police unit with cops on duty. The policemen did not, however, expose the exact numbers of the seized firearms and equipment from them.

Meanwhile, Chief of Police Inspector Noli Montebon, other immediate superiors and all police force in Lapinig, Northern Samar have been suspended by Philippine National Police Chief Oscar Albayalde following what the NPA Northern Samar termed as a “successful raid.”

“It is quite unfortunate, but necessary for us to relieve all personal of the Lapinig Municipal Police station,” said Albayalde in a press briefing.

Perpetrator of HRVs

The said NPA command also noted the active participation and involvement of the PNP on the escalating number of counter-insurgency operations under Oplan Kapayapaan. NPA Rodante Urtal Command Spokesperson Amado Pesante stressed that the PNP units have been “converted into private killing machines and elements for counter-insurgency operations out to wreak havoc against the civilian populace.”

Reports from Northern Samar Small Farmers Association (NSSFA) circulated starting last year that members of the Philippine National Police and Philippine Army use the Duterte administration’s drug war program Oplan Tokhang to force civilians to surrender as members and supporters of the New People’s Army.

The tactical offensive on August 10 is, according to Pesante, “a fitting response to intensifying state fascism being carried out in the advent of the triple fascist Duterte-Arroyo-Marcos alliance.”

“Human rights violations are piling up in the province akin to Palparan-style butchery during the Arroyo regime and martial rule reminiscent to Marcos’ dictatorial regime. In Northern Samar, at least eight communities have been occupied by state security forces since the second half of the year,” Pesante added.

Meanwhile, Jose Maria Sison tagged President Duterte as the “chief transport and supply officer of the NPA by sending his troops and police to hinterlands for ambush by the NPA.”

“As in previous US-instigated counter-insurgency measures, Oplan Kapayapaan is proving itself impotent in crushing the long-standing armed struggle. The revolutionary movement remains the fiercest foe among the broadening united front against the fascist Duterte-Arroyo-Marcos clique,” Pesante concluded.

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