Eastern Vista Media Group staff tailed, harassed by suspected police intel

Four suspected police intelligence agents tailed and harassed two staff of the Eastern Vista Media Group Monday, July 9 while on the way back to the office from doing field work.

The staff reported sighting of two suspicious men in civilian, lingering in the area from which the former two were doing the field work. One of the two men were spotted taking long glances at the staff before fishing out a phone and seeming to call somebody. One of the two men were also suspected of carrying a concealed firearm.

The staff also reported a riding-in tandem following the vehicle they boarded. A few minutes later, the staff confirmed they were able to go home safely having lost sight of the motorcycle following them.

The same incident occurred on June 18, Monday when four suspected intelligence agents harassed an Eastern Vista Media Group staff while on a field work at the Department of Social Welfare and Development regional office in Magsaysay Boulevard. Prior to the harassment, said staff was conducting an interview with one of the agency’s officials before being pushed to a confrontation involving one of the four suspicious men. The remaining two suspected intelligence agents were on standby on the other side of the street. The two men, with mocking tones, questioned the legitimacy of the staff’s status as a journalist before stalking off once the staff got away.

The Eastern Vista Media Group strongly condemns this blatant act of harassment towards its staff as well as the continued persecution against journalists and media workers. Eastern Vista calls on all media practitioners to actively oppose all acts of intimidation and suppression of press freedom especially in a time where even the most basic of human rights is disregarded.

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Eastern Vista

Eastern Vista is an alternative media organization in Eastern Visayas. Stories of people in the struggle for justice and aid after super typhoon Yolanda inspired its creation in 2014. Eastern Vista is also a co-producer of Lingganay han Kamatuoran, a Waray-based radio magazine program airing since 2003. From Eastern Philippines, Eastern Vista shares the news and views from a people rising.

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