HANDS-OFF | Victims of human rights abuse join the movement against Charter Change

“We are not here to beg for government’s support. We are here to seek state accountability”, said Gina Rosco, an Eastern Visayas farmer, during the ‘No to Charter Change’ protest held at the People Power Monument on February 24, Saturday, marking the 32nd year since the EDSA People Power’s Revoluton that led to the ouster of the dictator and then President Ferdinand Marcos, Sr.

Farmers from the different provinces of Eastern Visayas are currently launching series of anti-poverty and anti-militarization protests in Manila.

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Eastern Vista

Eastern Vista is an alternative media organization in Eastern Visayas. Stories of people in the struggle for justice and aid after super typhoon Yolanda inspired its creation in 2014. Eastern Vista is also a co-producer of Lingganay han Kamatuoran, a Waray-based radio magazine program airing since 2003. From Eastern Philippines, Eastern Vista shares the news and views from a people rising.

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