STATEMENT | Rev justice looms over Ong dynasty members involved in drugs, criminality, corruption

NPA Samar
NDF-EV said that the NPA forces may try, arrest and punish those who are engaged in the illegal drugs trade in Northern Samar.

Statement of the National Democratic Front in Eastern Visayas regarding the involvement of the Ongs of Northern Samar in illegal drugs trade. Sent to Eastern Vista July 12, 2016.

Revolutionary justice looms over Ong dynasty members involved in drugs, criminality, corruption

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas (NDF-EV) said today that revolutionary justice awaits Northern Samar Gov. Jose Ong, Jr. and his nephew Congressman Edwin Ong who have been identified by NDF-EV as the biggest drug lords in the province. “Both the NDF-EV and the Ong dynasty are aware that the newly seated Duterte regime appears to abhor illegal drugs and vows to punish its merchants,” said NDF-EV spokesperson Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas. “If the Duterte regime won’t get to the Ong dynasty first, the revolutionary movement surely will. We are sure that the Ong dynasty already knows President Rodrigo Duterte has called on the revolutionary to movement to help in punishing drug lords, to which the Communist Party of the Philippines has responded positively.”

Fr. Salas said President Duterte recognized the revolutionary justice system in calling for help in cracking down on illegal drugs. “Gov. Ong scorns the accusations made against him and demands evidence, knowing he can easily get away under the corrupt police and judicial process of the reactionary justice system. Gov. Ong and his accomplices cannot of course do any such thing before the people’s court. That is the point of President Duterte’s openness to the revolutionary justice system and its people’s courts that observe due process and are not prone to corruption or influence. When the time comes, the New People’s Army can either arrest the Ongs by order of the people’s court, or else share information with the Duterte government so the latter can punish the Ongs.

“We urge the people to come forward with more evidence to add to that held by the revolutionary movement. Individuals and groups or communities are encouraged to come forward. Let us mobilize the masses against illegal drug activities and ensure due process with the help of the revolutionary movement. Moreover, the revolutionary movement is aware that even local government officials are pressured by the Ongs to join the illegal drugs trade and are even assigned quotas. We urged these officials to reject these criminal and anti-social activities and submit evidence against the Ongs to the nearest unit of the people’s democratic government or the NPA.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson said the Ong dynasty and its ally, Congressman Raul Daza, are equally corrupt and merely take turns in leading the illegal drugs trade in the province according to who holds the most power. “The Ongs, Raul Daza, and their police and military protectors are at the core of illegal drugs and other criminal activities in the province. They are not content with stealing from the government; they also dabble in illegal drugs for the money as well as out of contempt for the people whom they tranquilize and prevent from participating in the revolution.”

Fr. Salas said the mass movement and the armed revolution are the surest way of sweeping away evil officials like those from the Ong dynasty. “The national democratic movement will strive to gain progressive and pro-people benefits from alliance with the Duterte regime. The mass movement and the armed revolution will surely grow stronger and will be able to confront and punish tyrants like the Ong dynasty and overthrow the entire reactionary ruling system in the long run.”


Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas
NDF Eastern Visayas

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